B2B in Durrës, Albania

What is B2B?

B2B is a one week ‘Emerging Leaders Training’ for those involved in leading teams, staffing DTS, or simply desiring to grow in leadership skills. A team of quality and experienced leaders, who are deeply passionate about your leadership potential, will take you through interactive and creative teaching and activities that will inspire your faith and give you the tools needed to be effective in your calling.

Who should attend B2B?

It’s an intensive time set aside for anyone who wants to have their leadership potential explode into reality! It’s designed for those who have a desire to grow as a leader themselves in order to equip others. Come to grow, come to go!

What’s involved in the training?

The B2B training will give you practical steps to develop you as a leader. There will be an interactive teaching style with many types of groups used for maximum learning. Peer groups, mentoring groups with experienced leaders, one-to-one help in dealing with issues, times of worship, ministry and experiencing God together. Altogether, it will add up to a leadership experience that will impart values as well as content.

What does it cost?

To experience the delights of the warm and beautiful Durrës coastline, enjoy delicious traditional Albanian food, and receive training from a multi-generational, diverse, and experienced team, the cost is €175.

Contact us: ywamdurres@gmail.com or ywamalbania@gmail.com

“B2B was a restorative and empowering experience for me. Inspiring teaching with inner healing. I highly recommend B2B to any who are seeking to experience God and his call of leadership on their life in new ways”




Emerging Leaders Training




€175 Euro

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