Family Ministries

Bringing transformation to Albania one family at the time!

Throughout history every society has been built on its families. This has been especially true in Albania, but during the last 25 years dramatic changes have rocked the Albanian society and in many cases this has had a devastating impact on the family. Emigration has split families as fathers and sons have left for Greece, Italy and other nations to work to provide for their families. During communism the State took care of the children, and mothers only got 40 days to stay at home before they had to be back at work. Even though the younger generation today has grown up under a new system and with great freedoms, the aftermath of a strong regime still remains. Today, the first generation of Christian couples and families are looking for a different way of doing family life. They need biblical teaching, encouragement, materials and resources and healthy models. You can be a part of this foundational ministry that can “change the weather” in a nation.

Family Ministry in Albania

Marriage Week

A national movement which has become an annual tradition that says, “if you’re fortunate enough to be in a marriage – then you should look after it! This campaign seeks to highlight the benefits of healthy marriage to society, media and governments, while seeking to encourage and equip couples through largely church-based events, and media coverage.

Family Camps

Since 2002! Spending time as a family at a camp can be life changing!

Pre marital Counseling

Getting ready for a life-long journey together! Most people spend more time and energy preparing for the wedding day, but they over look the preparation needed for a successful marriage.

Marriage Seminars

Investing in marriage and learning new concepts and skills is a blessing for families now and for the generations to come.

Meeting with Couples

Just sharing life together or “drinking coffee” (like we do in Albania) can make a deep impact on couples.

Creating Resources

Developing new materials for Albanian couples and families.

Family Resource Center

The families of Albania are in a difficult phase. We would love to create a place for them to come to be listened to as well as to get the help and resources they need.

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