Discipleship Training School

A Discipleship Training School is a five months of personally experiencing God and living the adventure of taking His message to the nations.  It’s a full-time program consisting of two parts – lecture phase and outreach phase, aiming to inspire the passion for missions and a willingness to obey the Great Commission by giving opportunities to serve in various ministries and nations, and experience first-hand the missionaries’ daily life.

Our DTS operates within three tiers.

  • Serving individually to each student by facilitating ways to encounter God like never before and grow with a deeper understanding of His character.
  • Helping students to come to a place of discovering and restoring their identity and gifts while laying healthy foundations in their personal faith.
  • Giving interactive teaching and practical tools to develop students God’s given calling by giving them daily opportunities to serve and lead throughout lecture and outreach phase.

Our DTS outreaches mirror our heart for Central Europe and the Balkans.

The January DTS is focused in Worship and Missions.  As we gather together to worship God, He meets us there. Real ministry is the overflow of personal relationship with Jesus. We practice together how to dive deep into this relationship through personal and corporate worship, learn about self leadership and leading others as we develop a worship culture. Playing a musical instrument it is good but isn’t required, our goal is to honor and worship God with the gifts He’s given us.

The September DTS is focused in understanding, practicing and developing the spiritual gifts. Learning how to use them effectively to bring transformation into the nations. Discovering the spiritual authority and the power of the effective prayer. Developing a culture of bringing God’s Kingdom strategically in all areas of our society.

You don’t need to wait to make a difference! Five months can change the rest of your life!

DTS Topics Covered

Father Heart of God

Holy Spirit and the Gifts

Identity and Inner Healing

Cross, Sin and Repentance

Biblical Foundations and History of Worship

Effective Prayer and Spiritual Authority

Cross Cultural Missions

Teamwork and Relationships

Lordship of Jesus

Meeting God in His timeline

Self leadership and Spiritual Rhythms

Character and Influence of a Leader

Evangelism - heavenly fragrance

“I thank God for bringing me into this family. You have shown such a genuinely love, trust and acceptance. You helped me get healed and leave behind the past”
“I didn’t know what the Father’s love was and how to love others until I experienced it in DTS”
“DTS built the foundation of my faith and brought healing in my heart. I learned to hear God’s voice and to believe for greater things.”



January - June
September - February
March - August

DTS Focus

Worship and Missions
Harvest & Outdoor Adventure
Catch the Fire & Compassion




€2800 Euro
(Lecture and Outreach phases included)

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