Roma Gypsy Ministry


To see a multiplying church built up amongst the large Roma Gypsy community.

To encourage and build up the existing churches in the city – encouraging unity and working together.

About the Roma Gypsy people

The people we work among are the Roma Gypsies. The Roma’s are darker skinned than other Albanian’s and have traditionally been travelers although this was not allowed under the communist regime. They have their own unique culture and language. They are looked down on by the general Albanian population. Most are illiterate. Schooling is not important.

YWAM serving to Roma community

We have been working in this Roma community since 2003. In 2013 we finally were able to buy a permanent ministry building where we hold church meetings, Sunday school, a daily feeding program, youth meetings, and basic schooling for older and disabled girls who are unable to go to regular school amongst other activities.

We want to see the whole Roma community transformed and for them to have a better standard of living as well as spiritual changes. To this end, we have also been involved in various practical projects in the Roma community like building small houses, walls and several toilets.

In May 2010, in conjunction with another organization (A2B) in town, we started a feeding program for 30 gypsy children. We raise the finances and collect the food from the kitchen where it is prepared and bring it to our gypsy children 5 days a week. Many of our children are undernourished and this is a big blessing to them.

We also enjoy hosting short term teams and usually have several teams help us every year.The teams are involved in all the usual work we do in Elbasan and also open-air meetings, extra children’s programs, village ministry, orphanage work, practical work and many other things.

Coming to serve them will not only bring a change in their lives but your life will also be greatly touched by your experience here.

You are welcome to join us!

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