Ywam Vlore Team

Vision - To be Jesus feet, hands and mouth.

We have been re-pioneering YWAM location in Vlore since December 2019 and currently we have a team of 4 people. We trust that God has so much more for us and our our city. Should you want to connect, send an outreach team short or long term, please, get in touch with us!

Mercy Ministry

Seniors Lunch

Kids at risk Ministry​

Teaching English and showing God's love for them.

Serving the local church and with/others missionary agencies​

Hosting outreach DTS teams.​

About the city of Vlorë

Vlorë was founded as Aulon as an Ancient Greek colony on the Illyrian coast and was conquered at different periods throughout history by Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Venetians and Ottomans. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the Albanians gathered both spiritual and intellectual strength for national consciousness, which conclusively led to the Albanian Renaissance. Vlorë played an instrumental role in Albanian Independence as an epicentre for the founders of modern Albania, who signed the Declaration of Independence on 28 November 1912 at the Assembly of Vlorë.

Vlorë is one of the most significant cities of southern Albania and the region of Labëria which is traditionally noted for its culture, traditions and folklore. Vlorë is served by the Port of Vlorë, the SH8 highway, and the A2 motorway.

The city of Vlorë remains a major seaport and commercial centre, with a significant fishing and industrial sector. The surrounding region produces petroleum, natural gas, bitumen and salt. The city is also the location of important installations of the Albanian Navy. It has grown in importance as an agricultural center with a very large-scale planting of olive and fruit trees.

As of the Institute of Statistics estimate from the 2011 census, there were 79,513 people residing in Vlorë and 104,827 in the municipality of Vlorë, constituting the third most populous city and fifth most populous municipality of Albania.

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